EMS provides a comprehensive electrical & software development service for industrial automation and process control. This is tailored to meet specific project needs.

PLC Programming: Development of PLC Software for all major PLC manufacturers. This can range from a small standalone PLC project to a DCS (Distributed Control System) PLC System.

HMI Software: Utilising the latest HMI technology to provide information where it is needed. SCADA Systems: Design, Development and Support of all major SCADA systems.

Database Integration: IOT and IIOT solutions to allow visualisation of your data. Data integration from historical, current and external data sources.

Bespoke Reporting Systems: Reporting and Analytics to optimise performance and monitor KPIs.

Mobile and Tablet Applications: Use your technology investment to provide visualisation and information on your portable mobile device.

Advantages of EMS Software:

  •  Reliable systems with built-in redundancy
  •  Optimise production and increase throughput
  •  Simple and intuitive operation
  •  Fully configurable, flexible and modern systems
  •  Reduces energy consumption
  •  Comprehensive long-term recording
  •  Improve regulatory compliance
  •  Reduces operator workload/man-less operation
  •  Provides cost-effective upgrades from competitor or legacy systems
  •  Offers seamless integration with commercial systems
  •  Available in multiple languages