Robotics Electrical & Software Design & Commissioning

The Installation and Commissioning of robotic products and systems on site is one of EMS core competencies.

Our engineering skills, robotic knowledge and simulation tools will reduce the start-up time and EMS experts will work with you to develop programs for your robot(s) which are both intuitive for your operators and optimised to your production needs at an affordable price.

A well programmed robot is an investment in itself as it will reduce your cycle time, your robot should need less maintenance, the system will operate longer without stoppages and it will extend the lifetime of your system to boost your performance and productivity.

EMS expert installation and commissioning service is defined in stages as follows:


EMS expert engineers work with you to identify the perfect robot arm and robotic solution for your industrial process automation.


EMS specialists use their knowledge to research and advise on the available options within the identified parameters and budget. Robotic equipment solutions are then pretested using simulation tools to reduce start up times and enable EMS to develop high performance programs.

Installation Development

The robotic system equipment installation phase incorporates integration into the production processes and ancillary automation. The robotic arm and controller are brought online and tested in preparation for the production process programming.

Programming Development

EMS experts will work with you to develop high performance programs for your robot(s) which are intuitive for your operators to use and optimised to your production needs at an affordable price.


The system will be fully tested and fine-tuned to ensure optimum production capability within areas such as process speed, tool weight analysis, operating system back up creation, professional robot arm calibration and servicing requirement identification.


EMS technicians will train the necessary site personnel in the basic maintenance of the robotic system and also the basic functions which may need to be carried out during the day to day running.